I wrote the song featured in the above video a few months after the Deepwater Horizon rig blew out in the Gulf of Mexico. This song imagines what conditions would be like in the Gulf of Mexico ten years after the spill. Thankfully, things are not as bad as I imagined, though truthfully, the Gulf is still not fully recovered and may not be for eons.

Latest Album

I Am Just A Song

Bud Tower

This album features my versions of two songs I wrote that were recorded by Lynyrd Skynyrd and Hank Williams, Jr.; respectively, "God & Guns" and "Red, White & Pink-Slip Blues." I recorded them in New Orleans with a wonderful group of professional musicians in Da Big Easy including former Neville Brothers' guitarist, Shane Theriot. The remaining eight songs on the album were recorded in Nashville with a cast of A-list Nashville session guys.

Note: For better or worse, no auto tune used in the production of this album!

The album (and downloads) will not be available until February 2014, but the "My Inner Dawg" album is available NOW!! Click here or on the "More Music" tab above to see it and get it!

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